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Affiliated with the High-performance Fiber Business Division of Selen Science & Technology, Chengdu Selen Advanced Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Chengdu Selen Advanced Material Industrial Park. It is mainly engaged in the research, production and deep processing of high-performance fibers. The products include PBO super fibers and aramid 1414. Houdelen is the brand of a main product of Chengdu Selen Advanced Material Technology Co., Ltd. - PBO super fibers. The full name of PBO is Poly-p-phenylene-benzobisoxazole. As a new generation of polymer material designed and researched to meet the needs of aerospace materials, PBO is characterized by ultra-high strength, ultra-high modulus, ultra-high heat resistance and super flame resistance, known as "21st Century Super Fiber".


Selen PBO super fibers mainly include filament, curly staple fiber, ultra-short cut, pulp and other product forms, and are mainly used in aerospace, rail transit, automobile manufacturing, safety, protection and other core industries. The aramid 1414 short fiber includes the products in the main forms of pulp and ultra-short cut, which are widely used in high-performance electrical insulation, printed circuit boards and electromagnetic wave protection, special papermaking, friction sealing materials and plastic rubber reinforced materials.

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Chengdu Selen Advanced Material Science and Technology Co., Ltd is located in the Industry Zone, Xinjin, Chengdu, and it is jointly invested by Shenzhen Selen Science and Technology Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Selen Advanced Material Science Research Co., Ltd.Houdelen is a PBO fiber brand name of Chengdu Selen Advanced Material Science and Technology Co., Ltd. PBO fiber is a new generation high-polymer material and is honored as Super Fiber in the 21st Century, designed and researched to satisfy the needs of aerospace field. PBO fiber has good performance as high strength, high modulus, high heat-resistance and high flame resistance. Houdelen has several forms as filament yarn, crimped staple short fiber, chopped fiber and fibrous pulp.

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